Italian Mayor Who Offered People $2,100 to Move to His Village, Panics after 17,000 Inquire

The mayor of an Italian village who offered people $2,100 to move to his village has retracted his offer after he got swamped with over 17,000 inquiries – even if many of these offers were actually from people who just wanted to move there and get a job even without the cash bonus!

Earlier this week, Mayor Daniele Galliano posted a rather enticing offer for people to move to his small village of Bormida, located in the mountainous region of Liguria in northwestern Italy.

Aside from providing them a bonus of €2,000 (around $2,100), the new residents also get to enjoy discounted rates on rent. Mayor Galliano made this desperate attempt as the village only has a population of 394 – half of the number of people living there in the 1950s!

Photo credit: Castillia Perti

While most of its locals have moved to the big cities in Italy, with the nearest one being 50 miles away, the good mayor thought he could get people to move to his tiny village if they’re given the right incentive.

But the offer was blown out of proportion and in true social media fashion, quickly went viral and re-shared across the world. All this hoopla put the town on the map within just few days – but the 17,000 inquiries were just too much for the mayor to handle.

Mayor Galliano has since taken down his original post and issued a public statement saying that it was merely a ‘suggestion’. Oooops.

“This will be my last post and I hope to be able to provide clarity. It was an idea to propose to the region of Liguria, with which I am in contact, and extended only at national level.

The news was reported in the wrong way and has reached a worldwide audience.

Italy is a beautiful country but like others in the economic crisis, to today are followed by more than 17,000 people and unfortunately it’s not really possible to find a help to all.

Thank you for your interest.”

Just as I was getting ready to pack my bags… LOL.

Don’t be sad, though. If you still wish to live in Italy and get some incentive, you can always try to get a free castle from the country’s new tourism program (more than 100 castles are available in 2017, for free) — or even apply as part-time hermit!