Italian Waitress Saved 2 Years’ Worth of Salary to Travel to Indonesia and Marry a Villager

They say love knows no boundaries — no matter the distance or the cost of a plane ticket!

Twenty-one-year-old Ilaria Monte Blanco, a waitress from Bari, Italy, met Indonesian Dzulfikar online and they were able to sustain a long distance relationship through Facebook. They later agreed to marry each other.

Image from the Tribune News

However, the distance between Italy and Indonesia, which is approximately 6,915 miles or 11,129 kilometers, proved to be a hindrance in their relationship. But since Ilaria and Dzulfikar are determined to be together, they did the best they could to see each other for the first time and fulfill their plans of getting married.

Image from the Tribune News

For two years, Ilaria worked as a waitress; she has been saving her salary to afford a plane ticket that will bring her to Central Java, Indonesia.

This April, Ilaria finally raised the exact amount she needed to see Dzulfikar. Wasting no time, she told her parents about her long distance love affair with an Indonesia guy and their marriage plans to her family. Her parents gave her their blessing.

Image from Radar Pekalongan

Soon, Ilaria found herself enduring a 17-hour plane ride and a four to five-hour bus ride from the Central Java Airport going to Dzulfikar’s hometown.

Ilaria’s arrival to Zulfiqar’s village drew attention from the neighbors. The police were called to investigate her presence in the Indonesian village.

We questioned her to determine her purpose in coming to Indonesia,” Deputy Chief First Inspector Agus Windarto said.

Ilaria told the police that her parents knew about her relationship with Dzulfikar and had given their blessing for the upcoming marriage.

For two years, I saved money I got from working in a restaurant in Italy just to come to Indonesia,” Ilaria told the police.

Before they can marry each other, Ilaria has to prove to Indonesian authorities that she is single and has not been married to another man by securing documents from the Italian consulate in Indonesia. The processing will take a while, but after waiting for two years, waiting for some more days will not be a problem for the love-struck couple.

Image from the Facebook account of Ilaria and Dzulfikar
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