It’s a Boy! But What’s Wrong with His Heart?

Excited new parents Trey and Nicole Flynn went to a routine ultrasound to determine their baby’s gender. They were told it was a boy and they were truly delighted.

Their excitement turned to horror, however, when the ultrasound technician told them she thinks there is something wrong with the baby’s heart.

They had to immediately go to the hospital to have the baby’s condition checked because it was a serious case.

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The devastated parents spent an entire week crying. Then, Trey made up his mind they won’t mope about the baby’s condition and came up with the perfect character for son: the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. The tin man did not have a heart while their son had problems with his.

When tin man Baby Holden was born, Trey and Nicole were overjoyed. He looks so adorable and cute. However, he was not like other babies.

You see, instead of having 2 valves and 4 chambers, the baby’s heart only had 1 valve and 2 chambers. At four months, he needed to undergo open-heart surgery.

Watch the tear-jerking video here:

The surgery was a success; though he still needed a new heart because his defective one could not handle all his needs. Holden enjoyed the things babies and toddlers love. He loved his pet fishes and would never part with his Elmo stuffed toy.

Trey proudly mused how Holden is such an inquisitive child as he would really check out how his toys work.

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Sadly, while waiting for a new heart, Holden died at 26 months. However, his short but joyful life would forever be an inspiration to others, especially to the kids and their families who have benefited from The Holden Flynn Foundation, a charity organization helping others with congenital heart defects.

RIP, little Tin Man.