It’s Been 43 Years Since They Broke Up…But His Sweet Surprise Had Her Giggling

What would you do if your ex-husband arrives where you are working to personally greet you for Valentine’s Day and also to propose once again? There’s another catch here. You have not seen him for 43 years – would you say yes or no?

Of course, public proposals like this are always a dilemma to the woman because she might feel like she should say “yes” to help the guy save face, even if she does not really want to marry him [again].

In the video below, the couple was identified as Louis Demetriades and Renate Stumpf. According to SF Globe, the two met in 1959 and got married. However, 12 years into the marriage, they decided it was time for them to break up.

They lost communication all those years. So, will Renate say yes or is she still holding grudges against her ex-husband.

Watch the video here: