It’s Not His Job to Do it But This Cop Goes Out of the Way to Help Street Kid Learn How to Write

While many street kids do not get the chance to have a better life because they could not go to school, some are lucky get some help from people who not only give them food but also impart their knowledge in some way or even send these poor street urchins to school!

There have been a number of these lucky ones as well as generous and helpful donors we haven’t heard of or have been featured on numerous blogs or news reports.

One of these is a Filipino cop named PO1 Robinson T. Dao-asen who was spotted by a netizen while he was trying to teach a young boy how to write.

Photo credit: Facebook/Bayaning Pulis
Photo credit: Facebook/Bayaning Pulis

At 9 years old, this boy is already of school age but it is highly likely that poverty has kept him in the streets. It is a good thing that Dao-asen is helping him learn to write. Who knows? Some kind individuals might even give this boy a proper education…


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