After Years of Heartbreak, This Couple Adopts an Abandoned Child…Watch their Tear-jerking First Meeting

Such is a reality in life. Some people might have all the money in the world yet could not conceive even with the latest advances in technology. On the other side of the coin are the people who might never have enough money to feed themselves but conceive the most kids.

The couple in this video has been trying to conceive for 9 years but soon found out they had major fertility issues.

Understanding that they might never ever conceive a child of their own but still wanting to have a baby to raise as their own, they decided to adopt a child. The process was lengthy but they soon got a child of their own.

Their first meeting with the baby is so sweet that it made a lot of people cry. Here’s the tear-jerking video. Get your tissues ready.

The Chens are fantastic people and Jacob would surely grow up in a loving household. For the Chens, it does not matter that he was not their own flesh and blood because the moment they set their eyes on him, he became their child. Lovely, isn’t it?