Japanese Baggage Unloaders Earn Praise for the Way They Handle Baggage

Two Japanese ground staff from ANA have recently earned praises from netizens after a video of how they were handling baggage of their passengers circulated online.

In his Facebook account, Nihonggo Wakaranai uploaded a video of the ANA ground staff unloading baggage from a plane at Chubu Centrair International Airport in Nagoya, Japan. It’s caption states that the clip shows how Japanese treat suitcases and it is better than the way the owners treat theirs.

In the video which lasted for three minutes, the ground staff were seen carefully transferring the suitcases inside a truck that will transport the bags to the airport terminal. They were working fast but still mindful of the way they handle each suitcase.

Image from Nihongo Wakaranai

With more than 1.8 million views and having been shared 41,000 times, the video had gone viral, with the online community commending the staff for being so respectful with other people’s property, caring for others, and valuing the responsibility that they are tasked with.

After receiving such positive comments and feedback from the netizens, an official from ANA said that they were thrilled that their hard work was recognized by the public and that they prioritize their passengers’ experiences at every step of their journey.