Japanese Company Develops Drone to Make Employees Working Overtime Go Home

In an effort to cut down on its notoriously long working hours, a Japanese security firm has recently launched ‘T-Frend’, a drone which will hover above those who are working late and will blare music to force them to stop working and go home.

The drone, equipped with a camera which stores footage on an SD card, will buzz around employees working overtime blasting out ‘Auld Lang Syne’ a traditional song from Scotland which is used in Japan to announce the closing of the store.

Image from AFP

Aside from that, the drone co-developed by the office security and cleaning firm, Taisei, can also monitor real-time office scenes from a remote location. Even without GPS, the machine can recognize its location on a specific part of the building by taking off from its port, making a surveillance flight on a pre-set path, and then returning anonymously.

The Japanese government has been attempting to break down the culture of working long hours as proof of loyalty and dedication. Every year, the country has been recording deaths due to strokes, heart attacks, and suicide as a result of the employees working long hours.

Japanese firms turned to security companies to drive overtimers to go home but these firms are understaffed because of the nationwide labor shortage.

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