Japanese Cosplayer Spends $64,200 for Drastic Transformation, Admits She Found Confidence from It

We have different ways on how we uplift our self-esteem; some focus on arts, some in music, some use makeups but some modify themselves.

One Japanese cosplayer shocked her thousands of followers after undergoing a drastic transformation that includes a healthier diet, exercise and over 7 million yen ($64,200) worth of cosmetic surgery.

Image: Next Shark

Cosplay is all about portraying a character either in a movie or anime. Most of these cosplayers use props for ears, wigs, contact lenses and makeup to look like their desired character but for Twitter used meiji1111111, she decided to undergo a series of transformation and shared on her Twitter account several photos about her extensive work for two months.

Unlike some cosplayers who undergo underbody modifications to acquire facial features of a specific character, meiji1111111 simply wanted to achieve certain features she deemed best suited for otaku cosplayers and models.

Right now she describes her face as “Version 3”.

Image: @meme_metan via Twitter

And here’s the progress of her facial features in the span of two months.

Image: Next Shark
Image: Next Shark

@meiji1111111 understands that not everyone approved of cosmetic surgery but she believes that changing her appearance is important because it gives her confidence. She is not relying on surgery only, she also maintains a strict diet and fitness strategy; her diet consists of salads, soup, yogurt. With daily exercise, she lost over 12 kilograms (26.4 pounds).

She is happy and contented with the changes in her life; though the procedures are expensive, she feels happy because it gives her self-confidence.

As long as @meiji111111 is happy and contented with what her doing, I guess it’s really none of our business how much she spends on it, yes?