Japanese Drivers Organize Strike, Give Free Rides to All

Going on strike is a way of sending a strong message to the public. Most of the time, it causes unbearable inconvenience to the public, especially if the strike is done by a public transport group.

But Japanese bus drivers have a different way of going on strike. Instead of stopping their operations, they continued to operate and even give free rides.

Image: Next Shark

A transport group working with Ryobi Group seeks to ensure their job security in Okayama, Japan. They chose to continue driving while refusing to take fares from passengers. Their main complaint involves a new rival bus line,  Megurin, that started operating on Friday with same routes and this causes to overlap with those of Ryobi; the competition is not only based on the features of the new buses but it also offers cheaper fares.

Because of this Ryobi drivers feel threatened and now asking management for improvements to their job security under the added competition. However, Ryobi was not accommodating their drivers’ request; thus, the strike was declared, according to SoraNew24.

In these types of cases, the management would often use these circumstances against the drivers and appeal to the public that the drivers are selfish and are disregarding the needs of the community but this time, it’s different. Ryobi drivers are continuing to clock in and doing their job but are not accepting payments from passengers; thus, free bus rides!

It is yet to be seen whether such tactic will work in favor of the drivers as the outcome of the strike had not been reported on the media.

Do you think drivers sent a very strong message to the management? Will this bear positive results?