Jaw-Dropping Video of Dangerous ‘Acrobatic’ Baby Baptism in Georgia Goes Viral

Baptism is one the important religious milestone’s in a person’s life; although most do not remember how it happened as they were baptized at a very young age.

But while baptisms are quite common and don’t necessary become newsworthy unless the ceremony involves a famous person’s children, there’s a baby baptism that has recently gone viral on social media because of pure craziness!

Screenshot from video by euronews

While most baptisms are done with the religious leader pouring a small amount of water on the child’s head, an ‘acrobatic’ baby baptism in Tbilisi, Georgia is something else because the child gets dunked several times into a large basin of water! Yeah, I told you it was pure craziness…

Netizens were shocked to see the video of different children being repeatedly dunked in the water as part of the baptism rites. Many call for a ban on the practice for the sake of the children.

Watch the jaw-dropping video here:

Watch – acrobatic child baptism in Georgia

This baptism in Georgia is enough to make your head spin

Posted by euronews on Friday, January 20, 2017