‘Jealous’ Husband Refuses to Speak to Wife for 20 Years, Kids Get Help from TV Show to ‘Reunite’ Parents

For 20 years, Otou Yumi of Nara, Japan didn’t speak to his wife, Katayama. While his wife tried her best to speak with him in a normal conversation, the man refused to talk to her. He’s not dumb, too, because he would speak normally with his kids but he continued to ignore his wife.

Their kids and even his wife were puzzled over Otou’s reaction, especially because Katayama couldn’t think of a reason why her husband acts this way because they previously had normal conversations before he suddenly clammed up.

Photo credit: Hokkaido Television

Over the past 20 years, Katayama carried on one-sided conversations with her husband who would only respond in nods and grunts. They tried convincing their father to talk to their mother but nothing happened.

The frustrated children eventually found it rather awkward to live in the house where their parents don’t carry on normal conversations; thus, they asked help from a popular Japanese TV show on Hokkaido TV to help them ‘reunite’ their estranged parents.

A film crew arrived at the house and was able to capture the moment Otou arrived in the house and basically ignored his wife; though he accepted the orange juice she made.

When asked why he continues ignoring his wife, Otou told the show, “There’s no going back now I guess.

But the show wanted to get to the bottom of things and determine why Otou stopped talking to Katayama in the first place.

He admitted, “When the kids were born my wife was very involved and busy in raising the kids. I was kind of… jealous. I was sulking about it.” But after some prodding, the ‘jealous’ man finally relented and said he was willing to change things to work out his relationship with his wife.

Photo credit: Hokkaido Television

The show arranged for the two to have a date at the park where the first met – while their three kids (aged 18, 21, and 25) secretly watched.

Somehow…it’s been quite a while since the two of us have talked,” told his wife as he approached her; though he did not look her in the eye but focused his attention on the ground.

Katayama replied, “I know.

He continued, “You were so concerned about the kids. Up until now, you have endured a lot of hardship. I want you to know I’m grateful for everything.

I also want to talk,” he said. “After this I hope we could work together from here.

Photo credit: Hokkaido Television

The couple’s children burst into tears as they finally heard their parents having a conversation for the first time. They hope that the new development will continue and that they will no longer have to deal with awkward silences in the house ever again.

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