Jeepney Driver Stops His Passengers from Taking Phone Dropped by Another Passenger… Returns the Phone and Refuses the Rewards Offered!

When Hazel Ivory Javier Sarmiento dropped her phone inside the jeep (route Zapote-Binakayan in Metro Manila, Philippines), she did not even notice it but when she finally did, she knew that the chances of getting it back are quite slim. But though she did not expect to get the phone back, she was hoping that whoever found it would at least give back her SIM card.

She tried calling her own number but no one was picking up; thus, she sent the number a text message, urging the finder to return her SIM card because the contact numbers listed on that SIM were important to her.

Because no one replied after a few hours, Hazel no longer expected that the phone or SIM card would be returned; thus, she made plans to buy a new phone. To her surprise, she received a text message from that lost phone, informing her that it was the jeepney driver and that they could meet up at 7AM the following day so he could return it her.

She called up the number to arrange the meet up.

When no one texted her past 7AM the following day, she had doubts about the driver’s honesty but when she called him, he sheepishly admitted that he had just woken up but would text her when he arrives at the jeep’s garage.

Hazel went to the meeting place but found that there were just too many jeepneys and guys to determine who was who. Then, a guy pointed her to the jeep with plate number DWZ 254 and finally met the driver, Alvin Ret.

Photo credit: Facebook/ Hazel Ivory Javier Sarmiento
Photo credit: Facebook/
Hazel Ivory Javier Sarmiento

She moved to take out her SIM card to give him the phone because she had already made up her mind that it was lost, anyway, and this honest guy could have it as reward since the SIM was more important to her. Alvin refused to accept the phone, however, and would not also receive the money she tried to give him.

This honest jeepney driver told her he did not expect to receive a reward because it was more important for him that she got her phone back. He revealed that a group of passengers tried to take the phone, claiming it was theirs but realizing that it was owned by another passenger who had already alighted the vehicle, he took it from them.

Since the driver still refused to take her phone or money as reward, Hazel thought it was best to take his picture and post it on social media to thank him for his actions and to tell other netizens about his remarkable honesty.

Kudos to you, Alvin Ret! If only all people were as honest as you are…

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Posted by Hazel Ivory Javier Sarmiento on Wednesday, February 24, 2016