“Jesus-Shaped” Clouds Appeared in the Sky Following a Landslide in a City in Colombia

There will be the sunshine after the rain; but in Manizales, Colombia, there is ‘Jesus’ after a landslide!

The residents of Manizales, Colombia found their refuge at the sight of clouds shaped like Jesus Christ appearing in the skies after a devastating landslide struck their town, killing at least 17 people. Torrential rains caused the earth from the nearby mountain to surge down, destroying several structures on its way.

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The cloud which was shaped like Jesus was seen as rays of sunlight slant through clouds above the city of Caldas, Colombia.

Marya de Iesus shared a video footage of the cloud above the mountain of Sancancio and wrote, “Jesus Christ was visiting our Colombian town, he calmed down the sky and was listened to. God bless us and glory to Lord and Universe King.

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Netizens commented that it was a sign of Jesus.

Sandra Mejia said, “In this moment of pain, people want to believe it is a divine item that gives them hope and strength to keep on living and fighting.”

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The video went viral and had been shared more than 28,000 times.

However, there was also a group of people who thinks that the phenomenon is a part of a conspiracy theory called as ‘Blue Beam,’ where NASA is allegedly trying to bring a new world order using mind control.

On the other hand, some people dismissed the strange occurrence as a mere illusion produced by sunlight breaking through clouds.

This is a natural phenomenon with the light of the sun through different types of clouds. It happens in all parts of the world,” Noe Bazan wrote.

Image courtesy of Rex Features

Andean cities, typically located along riverbeds or in mountainous areas, are always at the helm of deadly avalanches and flooding. For the month of April alone, more than 330 people were killed because of it in the cities of Mocoa and Manizales.

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