Jordanian Celebrity Mais Hamdan Apologizes to Filipinos After Making Fun of Pinay’s Mistake on National TV

A few days ago, a video of Jordanian celebrity Mais Hamdan enraged  Filipinos who were not pleased with her gesture in making fun of a Pinay who made a mistake in pronouncing English words while she was guested in a comedy show.  The video circulated instantly on social media and had gone viral for days.

Apparently, Hamdan was known to have perfected many languages.  But Filipinos believed thatthis  does not give her the right to laugh at other people’s mistake and belittle other people.

Recently, Hamdan had posted another video on her Instagram account.  This time, the celebrity was seen apologizing for the gesture she had previously done.  She explained she doesn’t have negative intentions and claimed it was just part of her job as she tends to exaggerate her dialogues at times for the sake of putting smiles on the faces of her audience.

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pilipinas Wag kayo magalit sa kin Mahalna mahal ko kayo❤

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“First of all, I would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart and to say that I did not really mean to insult or mock or hurt anyone.”

“I did not mean to cause or to be the reason for negativity.”

“I’m an actress and a comedian, and you know, my job is to sometimes impersonate and imitate languages, different and various dialects.”

“I do actors, anchors, celebrities, and you know, I do it with a little bit exaggeration to just add a comic factor.”

I’ve never meant to insult anyone and never, it was never meant to be serious.”

“You know what I mean?”

“I hope you guys, understand where I’m coming from.”

“All I want is to throw a smile on your faces, no more, no less.”

“Please accept my apologies.”

The video earned varied reactions from netizens.  Most of them felt her apology was too late as the “damage has been done” and she can never put back the humiliation and disrespect that Filipinos had felt.

Some of them also said the Jordanian celebrity was really a great artist as she was just acting and making faces while apologizing yet sincerity was never seen and felt.

What do you think of her apology? Does she deserve to be forgiven “instantly” while she had humiliated Filipinos on social media?