Judges Accuse Contestant of Lip Synching, Express Amazement When She Sings A Cappella

These days, it is easy even for off-key ‘non-singers’ to produce awesome voice recordings because there are many things one could do to edit the recording, including the use of auto-tune. Also, it is easy to add voice effects to create a unique voice that’s far better than your actual singing voice.

When 29-year-old Aida Nikolaychuk auditioned for Ukraine’s X Factor in 2012, she sang so beautifully that the judges thought she was just lip synching to a CD recording. They believe that digital effects were applied to her voice to make it appear more awesome than the real thing.

Are you kidding me? Is this some joke?” judge Sergey Vasilyevich ‘Seryoga’ Parkhomenko asked.

Is this a recording?” judge Ihor Kondratiuk added.

Photo credit: Ukraine’s X-Factor

The two judges firmly believed Aida wasn’t singing live. Feeling somewhat angry that she was trying to fool them, they signalled for her to stop.

Could you sing any song a cappella?” Ihor asked but Seryoga wanted her to do the same song, challenging the contestant.

Photo credit: Ukraine’s X-Factor

A rather confused Aida paused for a few moments – and the audience really thought the judges had caught her but when she opened her mouth to sing a cappella, everyone was stunned! She sounded exactly like how she was singing moments before!

It turned out her voice really had that unique quality that made it appear a digital effect was applied yet it was actually her natural singing voice.

The audience got on their feet, giving the nervous-looking Aida a standing ovation. The judges praised her, admitting they had made her stop because they thought she was cheating.

Aida was so good that she eventually won that season and became a renowned singer in Ukraine. Check out her audition video and be amazed by her natural ‘auto-tuned’ voice:

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