She runs the fastest…but can’t stop at the finish line

As one of the fastest long distance runners in the US, Kayla Montgomery is certainly an admirable person. But what makes her more admirable is the story of her success, how she was able to overcome an illness that manifests itself during a race.

Kayla started as a ‘normal’ kid who enjoyed sports – until she collapsed while playing one day. She could not move her legs and was later diagnosed with MS, multiple sclerosis.  MS attacks the nervous system, causing problems with muscle motor coordination and movement.

catching kayla

Kayla had problems walking, and was depressed for months.  She however realized there was no point in pitying herself and getting angry at God. She wanted to go back to sports,  but knew she could no longer join ball-related sports, as such sport could easily create more problems for her.

A running coach soon took her in; he quickly became the central part of her life, and her second father. He also would be the person to catch her every time she crosses the finish line, since Kayla can’t feel her legs while running, and needs help to stop.  Kayla’s development would be nothing short of spectacular: even while battling her illness, she went from being an ordinary runner, to becoming the fastest runner in the state — and among the fastest runners in the USA!

Watch Kayla’s amazing story here: