Kid Plays Soccer in the Street, Sparks Debate after Getting Hit by Passing Motorist

It is good to raise well-rounded kids who prefer outdoor play over gadgets but it is sad that many kids these days don’t have the space to do this – and they end up playing in the streets, something that can be very dangerous not just to them but also to passing motorists.

Recently, a kid playing soccer in the street by his home sparked a debate on whose fault it was when he got hit by a passing motorist. But many also expressed outrage at the person who took the video, saying he/she could have warned the kid about the dangers of what he was doing!

Photo credit: Aba, Pambihira / Facebook

In the video shared on Facebook by ‘Aba, Pambihira’ page, a kid could be seen playing with a soccer ball at the parking space near his home at an unknown location. Someone inside a parked car at the opposite side of the road knew this was inviting for an accident to happen. Instead of telling the boy about it, though, this person took a video and waited…

At first, nothing much happened except for the kid kicking the ball towards the makeshift goal. But as time passed, he got so engrossed with what he was doing that he must have forgotten he was playing by the roadside.

Photo credit: Aba, Pambihira / Facebook

Perhaps the kid was feeling confident that no vehicles will hit him because the street wasn’t as busy as a highway. On he went on playing; and on the person taking the video went…

Sure enough, as the person taking the video had expected, the ball went to the other side of the street and the kid ran to get it. But he forgot to check the road. As he kicked the ball back to his ‘goal’ and ran, he was hit by a passing motorcycle.

The driver flew off the bike. A dog even angrily barked at him, pinning the blame on the driver over its master’s accident. Ouch.

Photo credit: Aba, Pambihira / Facebook

Several people rushed outside the building and helped the two while the person taking the video just let the camera roll.

The video received mixed reactions from netizens; although most pinned the blame on the boy for playing in the street. There were those who said it was the driver’s fault that he didn’t watch out for the running kid. But others also said the person taking the video was also at fault here for not warning the kid.

So, who do you think is at fault here – the boy, the driver, or the person who took the video? Hmmmm. Watch the video and tell us what you think:

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