Kids Can Answer This Cool Math Puzzle Faster than Adults…How Fast Can You Solve It?

The internet is once again abuzz with a new Math puzzle that baffles the mind – though we have to tell you that studies have shown kids are able to answer this faster than adults.

Take a careful look at the photo below. Can you decipher the puzzle and get the right answer quicker than kids could?

Photo credit: Twitter/@MrRussellsClass
Photo credit: Twitter/@MrRussellsClass

Most people would employ the rules of mathematical logic to answer this one but this is actually a no-brainer – and you will surely agree with me about that once you get the correct answer.

Can you guess the right parking slot number? Hmmmm.

If you still haven’t solved it right now or if you are waiting for the correct answer, here’s a very useful hint from SF Globe: try approaching this from a different angle.

By the way, there is no need for us to give you the correct answer because once you actually find the solution, you will surely be laughing at how clever this puzzle was presented. Good luck!

Got it already? Great job!