Kids Got Away from Would-be Kidnappers after Remembering Mom’s Tip about “Tricky Persons”

Blogger Jodie Norton was thankful that her two young sons remembered what she taught them about “tricky people.”

In a recent post on her blog, Time Well Spent, Jodie recounted how she rushed to the ER because of the intense, unbearable pain she felt in her ovaries. She took her four kids to the hospital with her but left her two older sons outside the ER room. They were waiting for a neighbor who had been kind enough to pick them up and take them to their school.

While the two boys were waiting, three strangers—a female and two males—attempted to trick her kids into “helping them out by going into a bathroom where her boyfriend was hiding from the doctor and see if they could convince him to come out and get treated.”

One of her sons refused to do what the strangers were asking them, but the female would not take “no” for an answer. She requested them again for three times, but they only got a “no, thank you,” for a reply from the boys.

Shortly after, the neighbor showed up and took the kids. As they were riding in the car, they saw a third adult male come out of the bathroom and jumped into the car with the other three strangers.

Norton was grateful when her son told her how he remembered the family safety rule on identifying “tricky persons.”

Mom, I knew they were tricky people because they were asking us for help. Adults don’t ask kids for help,” Norton’s son CJ said.

Read Norton’s post below for the whole story:

How the “Tricky People” Concept Saved My Boys

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