Kind Cashier Pays for Little Boy’s Order When He’s Short of $2, Receives $200 Reward for Good Deed

While 18-year-old Travis Sattler didn’t exactly have a lot of money as he was even working at Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers in Katy, Texas, to save money for college, he just couldn’t resist helping out one kid who was short of $2. But his little act of kindness would actually bring him an unexpected reward.

Travis hopes to become a nurse. So, most of his earnings at Freddy’s go to his savings account for nursing school.

One day, a boy placed an order for a mini mint Oreo custard, paying for it in coins. The little kid was probably using money from his piggy bank to buy the dessert treat.

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He was a little nervous that he didn’t have enough, and he kind of just ended up handing me everything he had,” Travis recalled.

After counting the kid’s money, though, it was still short of $2. He saw the boy’s face fall but the aspiring nurse knew exactly how to bring the smile back to the kid’s face. He swiped his own credit card on the register and told the boy the balance was on him.

He had a massive smile [and] the widest eyes [when he] ran back to his mom and told her what happened,” the kind young man revealed.

The kid told his mom about it. He went back to Travis with a folded receipt. Written on the back were the words, “Thank you for being so nice and paying for my custard. We need more people like you.”

Photo credit: USA Today / YouTube

There was also a $100 bill tucked inside.

I was smiling for the rest of the day, I could not get over it. It made my day,” Travis recalled – and we can’t help but smile along with him.

But news of his little act of kindness and the subsequent reward would soon spread like wildfire at the store. His boss Padden Nelson heard about it and gave him a second $100 for a job well done, telling him the boy would remember his kind act for a ‘long time’.

For his small act of kindness, spending $2 on that kid’s custard, Travis received a total of $200! Isn’t that awesome?

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