Kind Girl Gives Her Food to a Homeless Man, Accidentally Connects Him with Family Who Revealed He’s Sick

Proving that simple acts of kindness can truly go a long way, a kind girl was able to connect a homeless guy with his family when she shared her meal with him.

The little girl’s name is Ella Scott.

The 8-year-old girl was dining with her dad, Eddie, when she spotted an old, homeless man sitting on the bench outside the restaurant. Because she had always been a kind girl who has a soft spot for homeless people, Ella couldn’t bear eating her meal while the man was there, hungry.

So, she asked her dad whether she could do something for the old man.

Photo credit: Eddie Scott / YouTube

Curious as to what his daughter was up to, Eddie took a video of the girl’s next moves. He captured the heartwarming moment she picked up her steak and potatoes meal so she could give it to the homeless man. She also gave him a fork.

While watching and filming the encounter, the proud dad exclaimed, “That’s my girl right there, I just love her to bits.

Making sure she knows he was proud of her, Eddie told her when she got back, “Good job, Ella. Ella, you’re amazing. I think you’ve just made his day. I think you’ve just made his week.

Photo credit: Eddie Scott / YouTube

In response, she just scrunched her nose in such an adorable way that she won the internet that every day! Eddie’s post would quickly go viral, with people praising him for raising such a generous kid.

But the post would become a huge blessing for the homeless man whose family recognized him from the viral video. Roseanne Salkowski identified the man as her brother, 62-year-old David Salkowski, who is a war hero suffering from post-traumatic-stress-disorder.

They had not seen him for over 6 months but the family was ecstatic after learning he was alive. They have since been reconnected and David brought safely home. We hope he gets the therapy he needs to overcome his condition, especially considering he’s a war hero!

Watch the adorable video that led to the joyous homecoming here: