Kind-Hearted Indian Man Feeds Hungry Little Boy, Gets Free Meals for Good Deed Done

Do you believe good things happen to those who do good to others?

In a restaurant in India, a man named Akhilesh Kumar had just sat down and ordered his meal when his attention was caught by a little boy who was staring at the delicious meals being served to the customers through the glass walls. He thought the boy was so hungry so he gestured the boy to come inside and dine with him.

Akhilesh Kumar/Facebook

Shortly after, the boy entered the restaurant with his sister who was following him and headed towards Kumar’s table.  He then asked the little boy and his sister what they would like to eat but then they just pointed on his plate so he assumed they would like to eat the same food which he ordered. Kumar added two more orders of the same meal that he placed for himself for the little boy and his sister.

Photo : Akhilesh Kumar/Facebook

When their orders were served at the table, the little boy could hardly contain himself so he tried to reach the food and start to eat but then his sister prompted him to wash their hands first.  So the two left and went to wash their hands.

When they returned, the hungry children started eating their meal and had finished them in no time! Kumar on the other hand, had not started yet.  In fact, he was feeling overwhelmed after he saw that the two hungry children were enjoying their meals and that he was able to fill-in two empty stomachs. But then he slowly consumed his food and later on had asked for their bill.

When the bill came, Kumar was stunned to see that there was no amount due.  Instead, a very heart-warming message was written on the bill when translated in English saying:

“We don’t have a machine that can bill humanity.  May good happen to you.”

Upon reading the message, Kumar broke down in tears for feeling fulfilled for doing something which he believed was the right thing to do.

Kumar believes this is how karma works, “what goes around comes around.”

May everyone’s heart be filled with goodness!