Korean Retail Company Cuts Down Employees’ Working Hours to 35 Hours a Week

Employees of the Shinsagae Group, one of the largest business conglomerate in South Korea, will be enjoying reduced working hours in a week starting January 2018.

The move is the result of the company’s initiative to enhance its employees’ working conditions by adopting a 35-hour workweek, instead of the usual 40 hours, without any reduction in their wages.

According to the new policy, company employees will work from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. Flexible working hours will also be observed, depending on the work schedule of the concerned employee.

Image from Shinsegae

A company representative said that South Koreans are known for working too much for long hours and the new policy on the working hours is an attempt from the company to provide a corporate culture where people can focus on their work and relax as soon as they are off-duty.

Meanwhile, a Shinsegae official also said that they expect their employees to voluntarily work harder and be more productive, as the recent improvement largely benefits them.

Data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development revealed that Koreans had posted the second longest working hours among its members-countries. Currently, a key revision of the Labor Standards Act is being discussed at the National Assembly which is reducing the maximum number of hours an employee can work in a week.