Lady Finds Out Her Boyfriend’s Luxury Car was China-Made, Dumps Him

Do you believe in love at first sight? Well, this happened to an unidentified woman who fell in love with a man after seeing his not-so luxury car.

A woman met this guy at a social gathering and the woman instantly fell in love with the man after she saw his Porsche Cayenne. In a matter of two weeks, she said that she already slept with the guy for 17 times. Unfortunately, the Porsche Cayenne is not a genuine Porsche; it’s a knock-off version. Oh, Man!

The latest market price of a Porsche Cayenne costs around RM 40,000(around $10,294) to RM 1,124,000 (around $289,283), usually depending on the specs.

Image: World of Buzz

The man remained humble and wore cheap shirts that cost around 100 Yuan and regularly visits food stalls when they went on dates.

“In my opinion, it’s rare to see a rich guy who is so humble like him. I started developing feelings for him,” she said in an interview.

This lady often updated her friends with pictures; she even updates them with their intimate moments, yes, you heard it right. One day, she sent pictures of her boyfriend’s luxury car in their group chat and their friends told her that his car wasn’t a Porsche Cayenne.

It was, in fact, a China-made car that looks exactly like the German SUV.

Image: World of Buzz

Of course, she didn’t believe the shocking revelations of her friend because there were a lot of Porsche logos all over the car. Her friend enlightened her that the logos can be bought on Taobao and her boyfriend’s car is actually a Zotye SR9 which retails around RM 60,000 (around $15,442) to RM 90,000 (around $23,163).

Image: World of Buzz

So what did this lady do?

Well, she confronted her boyfriend and broke up with him for embarrassing her in front of her friends.

Hmmmmm, that’s a ‘valid’ reason huh? Hope she learned her lesson…