Large Rat Goes Viral for Taking a Bath Like a Human, Draws Mixed Reactions from Netizens

Rats aren’t exactly creatures that people like to have around the house, especially as ‘pets’ but there’s one rat that amused a lot of netizens after it was caught on camera while seemingly taking a bath like a human being! Can you believe that?

This rat’s video was shared by Facebook page, Akaso?, and has gained over 26 million views in less than 24 hours after it was posted!

What was hilarious about this video is that the rat was inside what appears to be a sink or bathtub and rubbing itself as it took a bath. The rat had shampoo or soap all over its body and was rubbing here and there, just like what you would normally do while you are taking a bath.

Photo credit: Akaso?

The clip had netizens laughing hard, with many tagging their friends and joking that the big rat is better than them at taking a bath.

But while many people had fun laughing at this video and admiring the rat, there were also those who called this animal cruelty and accused the people taking the video of abusing the animal but putting soap on its body.

There were those who said that the rat couldn’t have taken a bath by itself, without a human putting water and soap or shampoo on its body. While it looked like it was getting itself clean, the soap or shampoo might be harming the creature and that it was trying to get rid of the chemical instead of ‘bathing’ like what appears in the video.

But others said that it’s just fun to watch this rat taking a bath, whether it was ‘abused’ or not. Do you agree?