Learn a Life Lesson From Tatay Ricky Who Sells His Artwork For Only P10

Nowadays, people are doing everything that they can to earn money: some are engaging in different types of jobs just to earn cash to provide the daily necessities of their family.

Money is one of the hardest things to earn. People would either work hard or think of various strategies to attract customers.

As a matter of fact, some people are resorting to doing something evil and illegal just to earn money. We often hear and see stories of people stealing, kidnapping, and extorting money from other people.

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If you think resorting to doing crimes is the best way to earn easy money, you should take lessons from Tatay Ricky, who did not let his physical condition hinder him from earning decent money.

Who Is Tatay Ricky?

Tatay Ricky is a street artist who sells his artworks for only P10 a piece. He can be seen working along UN Avenue near the Manila Science High School. He is using the money to earn a small amount of cash that he can use for his daily living.

Tatay Ricky
[Image Credit: Ginalingan Eh / Facebook]
Tatay Ricky is enduring the extreme heat of the sun and the smoke coming from vehicles just to earn decent money. Despite his physical condition, he eagerly sells his art every day to put food on the table.

Instead of begging for donations and stealing from other people, Tatay Ricky chooses to earn the right way. It might be hard for him, given the condition he is going through, but still, he chooses to face the struggles of selling his artwork.

Tatay Ricky
[Image Credit: Ginalingan Eh / Facebook]

Earned Sympathy From Netizens

After his story was published, many netizens expressed their sympathy and admiration for the artist. A lot of them hope that people would buy Tatay Ricky’s artwork. They also think that people from the government should help him.

See the story here:

What can you say about Tatay Ricky? Were you inspired too?

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