Legless Construction Worker Goes Viral, Earns Praise for Admirable Fortitude

There are just jobs that are more difficult for those with disabilities to perform; yet there are admirable people who, despite their disabilities, try their best to work on these ‘impossible’ jobs without hesitation.

Take for example this construction worker who does not have legs. For sure, the job is doubly difficult and more dangerous for him compared with regular workers yet he did not let that hinder him from doing it, anyway.

Photo credit: NTD News / Facebook

While his coworkers and boss probably give him the leeway to choose whatever job he is comfortable with, our guess is that they also put him at the least dangerous jobs so he wouldn’t get hurt.

It really is awesome that he does not let his disability get him down. There are many who would rather choose to ask for alms because they are disabled and would find it more difficult to find jobs – that is why we admire those who actually try their best to support themselves!

Kudos to this guy…