Let’s Take a Look at President Donald Trump’s £80 Million Passenger Jet!

Here’s what you can say, flying in style!

While politicians in the UK often have to jump in campaign buses or grab a train, Donald Trump is being whisked around in complete luxury. A lot of people around the world know that Donald Trump is in fact a very wealthy businessman—but I’m sure not everybody gets to get a glimpse of his real lifestyle. Today, we give you a little  ‘trip’ inside his gold-plated plane! If you were able to witness Donald Trump’s campaign all throughout America, then most probably, you’d know about his gold plated jet, a Boeing 757-200 airliner that has been known as his campaign plane.

What you’re going to see in the video is the amazing £80 million passenger jet that he bought back in 2011. Its model is the Boeing 757-200, with a top speed of more than 500mph and with a room for 43 passengers. After he bought it in 2011, he seemingly splashed out a small fortune on filling the jet out with the latest technology and finest decor. Amazing, isn’t it?

According to Discovery Channel in a documentary featuring the plane, Trump likes to call it the “T-Bird” while some have dubbed it as “Trump Force One”– it has been one of the most visible symbols of his run for the Oval Office.

Hit the play button below and see for yourself a glimpse of the much talked-about private jet!

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