I Didn’t Know Lions Could Do This! Whoa…Scary!

Have you ever been to a jungle safari? That must have been quite exciting! I really haven’t been to one but I had always imagined it would be scary yet exhilarating at the same time.

However, jungle safaris always have this possibility of real danger wherein the animals might attack without any provocation or warning. Thus, as much as possible, I try to steer clear from scary tours and jungle safaris…

Photo credit: Joshua Sutherland/YouTube
Photo credit: Joshua Sutherland/YouTube

In a video shared by Joshua Sutherland on YouTube, he narrated how his sisters were South Africa to visit their parents who were on a mission in the area. They went on a safari on their own but did not expect this would happen…

It was clear that the girls were shocked and scared by the encounter; thankfully, the lion was really just curious and was not on an attack mode or else the situation might have been different. Plus, you should consider how there were several lions merely observing the car – those lions could have joined in on the attack! Really, really scary!