Little Boy Nearly **** after 3-Pronged Electrical Plug Gets Embedded on His Skull While Playing

Kids love to jump around and play all day – that’s their nature. Sometimes it gets them into trouble, though – and there are moments when it could lead to accidents that might cost them their lives.

As much as we, parents, want to shelter them for life, we can’t always protect them 24/7. The best way for us to protect them is to teach them to be careful and to also find ways to childproof the house to minimize accidents.

In China, a young boy nearly died after a 3-pronged electrical plug gets embedded on his skull while he was playing in their house.

The young boy named Chen Chen was jumping around and playing with his ball. At one point, he jumped high and landed on the ball, causing him to fall to the floor.

Photo credit: American Web Media

Unfortunately, his head landed right on the spot where a 3-pronged electrical plug was lying with the prongs pointed upwards! The fall was so hard that the prongs of the electrical plug got embedded into the boy’s skull. Poor kid.

He was rushed to the hospital and was quickly operated on. It took doctors 3 hours to successfully remove the plug from the boy’s skull. Thankfully, he survived the operation and doctors are feeling optimistic that he did not sustain permanent brain damage from the incident.

While the incident had a happy ending, things could have been worse for Chen Chen.

His story should serve as lesson for parents and guardians to make sure that their homes are made childproof, with all dangerous and potentially dangerous items put out of reach and out of sight!