Little Boy Set for Surgery Shows Great Strength as He Comforts Crying Dad

Parents would do everything for their kids – and would surely wish they could transfer/absorb their children’s ailments so that their offspring would not feel any kind of suffering. That’s just how unconditional parents’ love can be for their children.

But no matter how much they wanted to, they could not ease their children’s suffering by taking the ailment themselves because that just isn’t the way things work. And seeing their children suffering or facing something big can be heartbreaking for any parent.

So, one dad, just like many others in a similar situation, broke down in tears right before his son’s surgery.

Photo credit: Facebook / Amanda DCollins - Love What Matters
Photo credit: Facebook / Amanda DCollins – Love What Matters

I captured this moment between my husband and son. My son was getting ready to go into surgery and showed great strength,” reveals Amanda DCollins who shared the touching moment with Facebook page, Love What Matters. “He comforted my husband as he cried. Our children take care of us as we do them.

Isn’t this a lovely moment?