ADORABLE: Little Girl Who Wants To Marry Adam Levine Finally Meets Him!

Most of the time, when you meet the love of your life, you would run directly into their arms, but sometimes, rather than run into their arms, you run to your mother and avoid making eye contact with said love because, of course, “it’s a lot.” This was the case for adorable 3-year-old Mila when she met Adam Levine on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

Earlier this month, Mila got pretty emotional when she learned that the singer was married — and the video of her reaction quickly went viral.  Luckily, Mila was able to make her dream come true of meeting the love of her life with the help of her fairy godmother, Ellen De Generes. Mila and her mother were invited to the show and it was broadcasted on The Ellen DeGeneres Show which was uploaded October 16.

Adam brought a pink rose, got down on the floor, and gave it to his superfan. He picks her up and gives her a hug, but the little girl seems overwhelmed at the prospect of meeting her crush– she immediately went back to her mother’s arms. Cute! Emily, Mila’s mother revealad that she told Mila the news while they were grocery shopping–and she repeated the news when they were already in the car to trigger the now viral reaction for a video.

At first, Ellen gave Mila an Adam inspired two-piece outfit which has Adam’s faces on it. After that, Ellen teased Mila and said, “I got you something else that’s not in this bag. Where is it? It’s over there, I think.” And, voila! Adam Levine’s there!

As Ellen said, “It’s a lot to meet the love of your life all of a sudden,” in gauging Mila’s reaction when she saw Adam in front of her.

Watch their adorable meeting below!

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