LOL: Funny Reactions from Animals Seeing Their Reflections for the First Time

One thing that makes us different from animals is our ability to recognize our own reflections.

I remember the time when I let my friend’s dog see his reflection in a mirror and he barked angrily at the mirror, thinking it was another dog. Well, cats and dog would often pounce and bark angrily at their reflections in the mirror but what do you think will happen when animals from the wild are put face-to-face  with their reflections?

French photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre decided to find out. So, he traveled to the African country of Gabon with his wife and set up a giant mirror in several locations in the wild in order to capture animals’ reactions when facing a mirror while walking by. After some time, a variety of animals including gorillas, elephants and leopards approach the mirror and react in their own way. The results are stunning, the animals reactions are intriguing and hilarious!

Watch the animals’ weird, funny and hilarious reactions in the video:.