LOL: He Tries To Comfort His Girlfriend Before A Scary Ride, But FAILS!

Typically, on dates, the guy often wants to impress the girl by acting all macho, like he’s not scared of anything–amusement park rides and attractions included. But sometimes, not everything goes well and things don’t go according to plan.

Take for example this boyfriend from a viral video we saw on YouTube. In Singapore, there’s this exciting but scary ride called the Gmax Reverse Bungee. In this ride, people are shot up into the sky at an intense speed and then they are pulled back to the ground using bungee cords. At first, the guy tries to calm down his girlfriend and reaches his hands to her as she looks scared and it’s like she’s going to freak out any moment. But then, things had a surprising turn when the ride starts! Watch the video and find out!

Will you be willing to try this ride, too?