Viral: Lonely Night Guard Gets Awesome Christmas Surprise from Staff He’s Kept Entertained for Weeks

Every night, Justino goes to work at a mannequin factory as its night guard. The work might be a tad boring as he had no one to talk to inside the dimly lit shop yet he manages to feel less alone by “interacting” with the mannequins – not in a crazy manner, of course, but in cute stuff like taking a groufie with them.

Then, he had this crazy idea of making his fellow workers smile by arranging the mannequins to prank them or create fun displays. To kick off the holiday season for the shop, he made use of the domino effect to create a beautiful lighted up mannequin Christmas tree.

Justino knew how to make the other workers happy despite his job being among the most boring ones in the factory. For his efforts, they decided to give him an awesome Christmas surprise he wouldn’t soon forget…

This is beautiful!