LOOK: Adorable Sloth Poses for a Selfie with a Tourist

A lot of tourists are thankful to whoever invented the selfie stick because they can now take photos during their trips without asking others for help – and that’s actually very useful because there are many places where there are no other people you can ask to take the photos or there may be other people but you might end up getting your phone lost (stolen?) in the process.

Nicolas Huskar is one of those travelers who enjoy taking selfies during their trip – and one of these selfies was so adorable that it quickly went viral and remains popular months after it was first posted.

In the photo, Huskar could be seen posing on the ground while a sloth casually flicked its arm and smiled at the camera. It greatly reminded us of Flash, the ‘fastest’ sloth in the Department of Mammal Vehicles in the animated movie “Zootopia”.

Sloth selfie

If sloths were truly slow-moving animals, we are wondering how long Huskar had to wait for that sloth in the viral photo to strike that pose and smile…

It’s so adorable, right?

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