LOOK: Bride Creates Special Role for Her Pet Dog on Her Wedding Day

For many animal lovers, dogs are not just pets but are part of the family, too! A lot of them even consider their pet dogs as their own children, choosing to provide their “babies” with everything they need, including their own fancy beds and clothes.

One of these people is Mansi Khanna, a lovely lady from New Delhi, India. She adopted her dog Sultan some eight years ago – and he was not just a pet, he was family. The two were inseparable and love each other so much that when she was set to get married, Mansi just couldn’t imagine the wedding without Sultan by her side!

Photo credit: Mansi Khanna / The Dodo

To celebrate the grand occasion, Mansi and her family had a new sherwani sewn, the standard attire for such occasions. She also picked out the fabric to be used for Sultan’s own sherwani which he regally wore during the traditional wedding rites.

He actually walked me down the aisle too!! My entry to the wedding was with him on my side. He’s the best boy, and I told him that! And he wagged his tail and gave me another lick on my face!” the lovely bride gushed.

But Sultan wasn’t just going to watch the proceedings from afar – he decided to join in, too! As Mansi and her groom Kunal exchanged vows, he was right there by her side. Then, while the newlyweds walked around a holy fire as part of the wedding ritual called pheras, he also followed them – as if to say he was going to be part of this marriage, too!

This pet’s unusual act makes this wedding so memorable!

Sultan was as excited as Mansi for the big day. Dressed in his fabulous maroon shervani, he was ready to walk this beautiful Indian bride down the aisle.

What no one knew is that he was in no mood to give the bride away and much to the surprise and delight of the family, he decided to take pheras with the bride and the groom! Now that’s one smart dog!!!

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Afterwards, he joined the newlyweds in partaking in the food ritual.

Mansi narrated, “Sultan not only took the pheras, he also happily lapped up the leftover yogurt that I had fed Kunal as a part of the ceremony. He was also there to eat the sweets that Kunal fed me as a part of the ritual. Basically, at all significant moments, he made his presence and participation felt.

Photo credit: Mansi Khanna / The Dodo

The dog certainly knew he had a special role in the wedding. Not only did he join in the rituals, he also “mingled with the guests” and shook their paw with them.

Mansi later joked, “As my husband tells me, ‘sorry baby, I love you, but I love him more.’ Sultan just made our day so very special with his antics.