LOOK: Daddy Cat Helps Mommy Cat, Showers Her with Affection While She Delivered Their Babies

A daddy cat has warmed the hearts of netizens after he showed love and compassion to his partner, showering her with kisses and assisting in every way he could as she delivered their babies! Isn’t that sweet?

Thuy Duong Panda of Hanoi, Vietnam shared photos of the pair – and it would surely melt your heart!

According to Panda, the father cat Yello showed support throughout the mommy cat Tam The’s labor. While this is the first litter for both them, it seemed that Yello knew just what to do to make Tam The feel better.

Photo credit: Thuy Duong Panda / Facebook

Not only did he stay throughout the labor and helped lick the kittens clean, he also showered Tam The with affection every chance he could.

Photo credit: Thuy Duong Panda / Facebook

After the labor was over, Yello cuddled with Tam The while she nursed the new kittens.

Photo credit: Thuy Duong Panda / Facebook

And while most daddy cats don’t actively care for their babies, Yello was a hands-on dad! He made sure the kittens were fine and cuddled with them as they slept – even while mommy Tam The is out of their lovely little home.

Photo credit: Thuy Duong Panda / Facebook

Isn’t this so sweet?

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