LOOK: Due to Her Very Messy Room, Teen’s Foot Gets Impaled by Phone Charger She Didn’t See on the Floor

A messy room can be a dangerous place – and one teen learned that the hard way when her foot got impaled by the prong of a phone charger she didn’t see on the floor when she jumped off her bed to get her popcorn.

Julia Pecher, 18, was watching a movie on Netflix when she heard the microwave beep, signaling that her popcorn is ready. The teen immediately jumped off her bed, in a hurry to get her popcorn and get back to her movie but because the floor in her room was filled with much clutter, she did not see the phone charger.

Photo credit: Twitter / JEWL_ia

While the teen admitted that the injury brought her so much pain, she still found humor in her situation. She crawled towards the bed to retrieve her phone so she could take a photo of the injury and post it on Twitter. LOL. Kids these days.

When your room is this messy, you have to accept the consequences of not being able to see where you step,” the teen wrote on Twitter, sharing photos of her injury as well as her messy room. Oooops.

Photo credit: Twitter / JEWL_ia

The post received mixed reactions from netizens. While there were those who were amused over the teen’s predicament, others were saying it served her right for not cleaning up her room. Others posted photos of their own rooms while many simply told the teen to spend less time on social media and more time in keeping her room clean.

We do hope this will serve as a lesson to this teen (and to others, of course) to keep her room clean from now on…

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The Sun

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