LOOK: Extremely Rare Pink Bottlenose Dolphin Sighted in Lake

While there is actually a species of pink dolphins, it is extremely rare to see a pink bottlenose dolphin – but it does not mean that a pink bottlenose dolphin looks weird and ugly! In fact, the rare sightings of these dolphins have shown just how beautiful these creatures can be…

Back in 2007, a pink bottlenose dolphin baby was spotted in Lake Calcasieu, in Louisiana, whose slightly salty waters makes it suitable for dolphins as some seawater from the Gulf of Mexico actually runs to this lovely lake.

Aside from the fact that the lake is salty, its connection with the Gulf of Mexico allows marine creatures such as dolphins to visit it from time to time.

Photo credit: imgur / ImagesOfNetwork
Photo credit: imgur / ImagesOfNetwork

When the dolphin was first spotted in 2007, she was named ‘Pinkie’ for obvious reasons. She’s been visiting the area from time to time – and has been photographed a number of times, including with her numerous ‘lovers’ and ‘suitors’ but it is believed that she hasn’t gotten pregnant yet even after years of mating with several males.

But while Pinkie is quite popular in the area and has become a tourist attraction by herself, she’s only found internet fame in recent times – and had just headlined numerous blogs and news sites after she was sighted once again at Lake Calcasieu.

Alspaugh’s Ace tweeted, “The baby #PinkDolphin in #Louisiana has now grown up. They named her #Pinkie, but maybe it should have been #MaryKay!

Photo credit: Twitter / @AlspaughsAce
Photo credit: Twitter / @AlspaughsAce

Isn’t she cute?

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