Look: Fried Banana Vendors Take the Internet by Storm

Looks like there will be a very popular fried banana destination in Thailand. And it is not even due to the fried bananas.

Photo: Pak Get Pak Break / Facebook

Pictures of two street vendors went viral in Facebook due to their revealing outfits.

Photo: Pak Get Pak Break / Facebook

The pictures were initially posted in Facebook page Pak Get Pak Break. The photos were captioned: “I bought their bananas and just ate them right there in front of the shop. Then I bought some more.” There were no further details on the actual location of the fried banana stall.

Most of the viewers approved and agreed that it is a very good marketing technique. Some says that it was probably just staged and they were not the actual vendors. Others say that the outfits were very inappropriate while some countered that there are no dress codes in selling fried bananas.

There are also some who were skeptical if the duo were actually ‘women’ knowing that they are both from Thailand.