LOOK: Girl Gets Attacked by a Wild Duck… And the Internet Goes Crazy!

A little girl named Summer Gidden, 5, who wanted to chase a wild duck got the surprise of her life when the wild creature chased her back and attacked with all its might.

Lucky for Summer, two neighbors had seen the encounter but while one immediately ran to chase off the duck and save the frightened girl, the other couldn’t stop laughing and quickly snapped some photos of the wild attack.

Summer’s sister, Stevie Gidden, shared the snapshots of Twitter where it quickly went viral.

Summer got attacked by a duck today & the pictures our neighbor got of it happening make me laugh so hard,” Stevie wrote.

Photo credit: Twitter/Stevie Gidden
Photo credit: Twitter/Stevie Gidden

But while a lot of people laughed along with Stevie, there were those who criticized the neighbor for taking the snapshots before helping the girl – and Stevie also got her fair share of bashing for sharing the snapshots for everyone to laugh at her sister.

Stevie would later clarify that 1) Summer is her sister (since some reports claimed that she is her daughter), 2) there were 2 neighbors who saw her sister and the child was about to be rescued by the other when the snapshots were taken, 3) her sister was fine just seconds after the photos were taken, and 4) Summer also thinks the photos were funny and believes that netizens should also be laughing with them, not get mad because she didn’t feel mad at her sister for sharing the snapshots.

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