LOOK: Heartwarming but Somewhat Puzzling Photo of Transgender Dad ‘Chest-Feeding’ Son Goes Viral

Born female, Evan eventually identified himself as male and legally changed his gender as well as his name but he decided to keep his female parts despite undergoing testosterone shots, because he had always dreamed of having a baby.

Fast forward to present day, some sixteen years after Evan came out as transgender.

His partner already has two kids but he also wanted to truly have his own children. So, Evan stopped testosterone treatments and they spent over $12,000 in fertility treatments so he could conceive using donor sperm.

While he would suffer a miscarriage on the first pregnancy, he would go on to carry the second one to full term.

Photo credit: Elinor Carucci / TIME

The pregnancy was without physical and medical problems but Evan encountered plenty of issues with his insurance company – after all, how would they cover a pregnancy if he was male? He had to continually make lots of calls to the company every time he needed to undergo tests or anything related to his pregnancy, just to explain that though his listed gender is male, he’s actually physically female.

It came to a point when he got so frustrated with making these calls that he had he gender changed to female just so there won’t be no long hours spent on the phone, arguing about gender with the insurance company’s agents.

After all, it would surely be more difficult to explain asking for coverage for the baby’s delivery when he’s listed as male.

When it was time for the baby to arrive, Evan and his partner had some laughs – for just imagine this scene, as narrated by his sister:

Evan recounted the birth, giving us a blow-by-blow. He and his partner had arrived at the hospital just after midnight, he said, and as they lumbered toward the receiving room, a nurse passed them. “Can you imagine what she must have been thinking?” my brother asked. Here were a woman and a man walking toward the maternity ward. The woman was weighed down with suitcases, a backpack and the paperwork folder. The man carried nothing but a purple yoga birthing ball, and every few steps, he’d push it up against the wall, lean over it and moan. Evan snickered, and soon we were all laughing at the thought of it.

Photo credit: Elinor Carucci / TIME

Evan is now ‘chest-feeding’ the baby; he prefers that term over ‘breastfeeding’. Does that mean he will now live as a woman? Well, not really. As soon as he is through with chest-feeding, he’d resume his testosterone shots, use chest binders to hide his breasts, and become the man of the family again…

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