LOOK: Human ‘Statue’ Surprises People at the Park

What would you do if the statue at the park starts talking to you? LOL. I would surely freak out!

In this hilarious prank by YouTubers PrankVsPrank, the pranksters had their friend Nick Santonastasso pose as one of the statues in Union Square Park in Manhattan. They teamed up with makeup artist Lex Fleming to make Nick look like a real statue before setting up.

Lex actually did a great job at making Nick look like a real statue while Nick also did great in pretending to be one. As they filmed the prank, there were a lot of people who really thought that Nick was a real statue; although there were this one guy who was actually quite puzzled about who he was that his cover was almost blown even before he started moving and talking to that guy!

Check out this funny prank and tell us what you would do if the statue at the park moves and beings talking to you…