LOOK: Mom Thinks She Found ***** in Daughter’s Drawer… But They Transform into the Cutest Things! Whew!

Like any other mom who sees colorful capsules inside her teenager’s drawer, the mom of 16-year-old Ashley Banks freaked out when she saw a pack of colorful capsules she thought were ***** while searching for her daughter’s calculator.

Ashley had earlier asked her mom to place her calculator inside their family’s mailbox for her friend to pick up but since she forgot where she had placed the gadget, she asked her mom to find it inside her nightstand drawer or in the game room.

While searching for the calculator, however, mom finds a pack of colorful capsules – and freaked out! She admonished her daughter for bringing ***** to the house and told her that she’s grounded. Mom also told Ashley she has to get back home immediately and face the consequences of her actions – but the teen only laughed!

The ‘defiance’ turns out to be not about teenage rebellion but came from the fact that she really wasn’t doing ***** and the capsules mom found inside her drawer turn into something really, really cute.

Check out their text exchange here:

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