LOOK: Mysterious Giant Creature Spotted ‘Swimming’ in the River

Humans haven’t fully explored the depths of the world’s oceans and rivers – and there remain a lot of mysterious stuff that continue to perplex us even in this modern age of advanced scientific equipment and photography devices.

Just this week, a video of an alleged monster has shaken the internet after social media user Penn Plate shared it on YouTube. The clip was taken from the Emirates Air Line, the cable car that passes over the River Thames in Greenwich, South East London.

In the video, a mysterious giant creature could be seen ‘swimming’ in the river. The figure was certainly a ‘giant’, considering that it is larger than the vehicles and possibly as large as the docked ships on the shore.

The video has since gone viral, sparking a debate as to whether it was authentic or fake. If it was for real, however, there were a number of theories put forth by netizens, including that this could be the famed Loch Ness monster or that this might be huge sea creature such as a whale or even a submarine!

Well, what do you think of the ‘creature’ seen in the video?

Source :

Mirror UK

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