LOOK: New Drug Makes Zombies in Real Life

Do you like to watch “The Walking ****”?

Well, you don’t have to go far since you might encounter them along the road one day.  In the US, people have been encountering them almost daily as those walking **** are just sleeping wherever they can.

The apparent walking **** aren’t a zombies but drug addicts since they are using one of the newest ***** in the US called “Spice”.  No, these aren’t the spices that you put in your dishes to make a great meal. This is a drug that has been introduced in the US recently and it has been said to be able to put most people to sleep, even in public places. The new brand of drug is very powerful because the substance has a tranquilizer mix into it.

A bus driver named Gavin Rodda, 35, took some photos of people on the street acting like zombies from the hit show “The Walking ****”.  No, they are not eating other people, but they are called that way since they sleep wherever they are; the public place is where you would mostly see them and the scene looks like it’s from the hit TV show.

Julie Boyle, support worker at youth homeless charity Lifeshare noted that the new drug spice has a terrible effect, even worse than heroine and other forms of *****.

Miss Boyle said, “In the city centre there are people who just look like they are frozen, like the walking ****, sat in a catatonic state not moving. You wouldn’t even know they were alive – it’s like when you press pause on the telly. They don’t know where they are.

Below are some Photos:

walking **** 1
Image by The Daily Mail
walking **** 2
Image by the Daily Mail
walking **** 3
Image by the Daily Mail
The culprit behind it all. Image by Daily Mail
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