LOOK: Nokia 3310 Comes Back to Life as a Modernized Classic Phone

Many of us had a Nokia 3310 phone – and that’s not really puzzling because it was one of the most popular phones ever sold! Released in September 2010 as an upgrade to the 3210, the basic phone only had call and text capabilities – no internet or camera! – yet it sold 126 million units!

With its long battery life and durable body, the Nokia 3310 was definitely a favorite among users who are now feeling dismayed that modern phones are not just expensive but are also easy to break and have short battery lives of about 24 hours or less! These days, you need to buy extra casing to protect your phone – the 3310 didn’t need that.

Photo credit: Pocket Lint

But those who miss their Nokia 3310 can now enjoy a revamped version of the popular classic as it has recently come back to life as a modernized classic phone.

The new Nokia 3310 looks somewhat similar to the old one with its physical keypad and small screen – and you can play the Snake game again! – but the new phone has lots of upgrades that brought the phone at par with many feature/basic phones of this new era.

Aside from having rounded edges, the upgraded Nokia 3310 features a 2.4-inch QVGA display colored and curved screen, 16MB storage and a MicroSD slot, dual SIM slots, and a rear 2-megapixel camera with LED flash!

Thanks to Opera Mini, the phone also allows you to surf the web; although you can’t download apps like Facebook on this phone and it runs on Nokia’s propriety OS, not Android.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: The Verge

Indeed, the new Nokia 3310 looks somewhat similar to the old one – and it’s probably going to make you feel nostalgic but with the upgrades, it can go toe to toe with many phones these days! Priced at around $52 (Php2,600), it’s definitely quite a steal!

Can you believe this phone has 25 days of battery life? Yeah! I hope smartphone manufacturers can find a way to increase battery life to even just a week.

Are you planning to get this phone? It’s going to be out by March or April 2017. Share your photos with us once you get your unit…

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