LOOK: NY Architectural Company Reveals Plans to Build ‘Hanging’ Skyscraper that Orbits the Earth!

Humans have always been adventurous and we have always dreams of reaching the moon and shooting to the stars. While there are still a lot of things that are impossible for the technology that we have today, we did achieve quite a number of things – including reaching the moon!

But it seems that humans are not content with these achievements. It is human nature, after all, to want more.

A couple of years ago, NASA announced their plan to capture an asteroid in the so-called “Asteroid Redirect Mission” (ARM) which is supposed to help scientists study how we can avoid a potentially devastating asteroid impact.

Photo credit: Clouds Architecture Office

The mission costs upwards of $1.4 billion – and that’s not including the costs of launching as well as the salaries of the ground crew, related expenses, and other incidentals! Of course, that amount might be huge but if the mission could protect the Earth from utter destruction, then the cost is but a small amount to save humanity!

But while NASA scientists will be using the asteroid to study ways to protect the Earth, a New York design firm called Clouds Architecture Office has plans to use it for another purpose: to hold a ‘hanging’ skyscraper that would orbit the Earth!

Photo credit: Clouds Architecture Office

If plans for the Analemma Tower will push through, the skyscraper will be built in Dubai who is an expert on towering skyscrapers that actually cost just a fraction of New York skyscrapers. Then, the tower will be flown to the asteroid where it would be held by cables and would hang 31,068 miles above Earth. It would be the highest skyscraper ever to be built!

Part of it will be high above the clouds, offering residents stunning views of the Earth and outer space while the bottom part will provide cool views of the ground. Of course, we believe there would be an elevator on this thing, allowing everyone to get to the higher or lower portions with ease – so you really can get the best of both worlds.

Because the asteroid will be orbiting the Earth, so will the skyscraper – and that means residents will be able to ‘travel’ thousands of miles every single day even without going out of their homes!

Photo credit: Clouds Architecture Office

Of course, there are still a lot of things to consider when building this project, including how people would get inside in the first place but helicopters might do the trick – and getting down could just be done using a parachute.

I’m really quite excited about this project which could come into fruition in the 2020s… unless this was just an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke, of course!

What do you think of this?

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